Robot Plastic Cup Stacker


1. The frame is made of section steel and profile.

2. Adopt Mitsubishi 0.75KW servo drive to control Mitsubishi servo motor advance and retreat, accurate position.

3. Up and down stack using Mitsubishi 1KW servo drive control Mitsubishi servo motor advance and backward, counting stack accurate.

4. Adopt high quality guide rail for advance and retreat and up and down.

5. Servo motor is used to control the synchronous belt, which greatly meets the speed and precision of grabbing and stacking.

6. Synchronous belt made of steel wire and PU one-time molding production, durable, not easy to break the belt.

7.SMC sucker is made of silica gel to better protect the safety of mould.




Air pressure




Machine advantage

auto pick,stacking, counting,transfer .
Y-axis Stroke 850mm
Servo motor(Y-axis) 1kw
X-axis stroke 600mm
Servo motor(X-axis) 750w
Dimension 1.6x0.9x2.1M

UV Curing power

6 kw

Weight 650kgs
Use for cups, lid , container , boxes ,plate, sh


Plastic cup making machine with robot stacker :